ColVic Brands

ColVic FUELGUARD – Fuel-resistant Cabling and Containment

ColVic FUELGUARD comprises a range of fuel-resistant cabling, conduits, entry boots, dispenser sumps and tank chambers. It is a unique and comprehensive product set that is impervious to the corrosive effects of hydrocarbons providing improved site safety.

ColVic HYDROCLEAR Environmental Water Protection Systems

ColVic HYDROCLEAR are product solutions designed to prevent fuel and oil-entrained surface water at fuel sites from entering stormwater systems and sewers. The range comprises an Oil Water Separator (OWS) for capturing and separating suspended oils and solids from wastewater, and an Interceptor to prevent fuel entering stormwater and sewage systems in the event of an accidental, uncontrolled product spill.

ColVic ENVIROSEAL – Sump Leak Sealing Solution

ColVic ENVIROSEAL is a unique underground sump leak repair solution developed by ColVic to fix sump leaks and damage without the need to break concrete or paving and rebuild sumps.

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ColVic BEVC 

ColVic partners with industry-leading suppliers to offer world-class Electric Vehicle charging (EVC) solutions for safe, smart and reliable e-mobility. Site connectivity, back-end control and data analytics for EVCs such as charger station and end-user management, RFID handling and advanced pricing and billing options are included.

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ColVic Services

ColVic combines its industry-leading knowledge, experience and supplier partner relationships to offer the most comprehensive customer support services. These include training on fuel systems, holiday testing and containment vacuum testing, environmental protection, ATG and VIMS installation and maintenance and 3D tank calibration and stratification.

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ColVic TankerQuip

A complete aftermarket range of road tanker equipment comprising dry break couplers, barrets, loading equipment and hoses for retail and commercial sites, fuel depots or industrial installations. ColVic’s railcar tanker bottom valves for petrol, diesel and jet fuel incorporate innovative features, such as an over-centre opening device and a universal tee pipe arrangement for standard and long-neck valves.